VALLEY was self published as part of an exhibition exploring what it was like growing up in the Calder Valley. This collection of photographs taken over the last 12 years and my own creative writing attempts to represent some of the confusing, uncanny, fleeting beauty of growing up here. 

20 pages
Hand stitched
Edition of 30


DROUGHT is a compositional performance poem. Part mythology, epic lyrical poetry and autobiography, DROUGHT sings out the story of Caenis, a woman hidden deep in the depths of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, elegantly fragmenting ancient narratives whlst weaving the parallels into her own life. This is the poetry from the performance. DROUGHT illuminates the power of stories that have for too long prophesied women’s destinies, crying out to change them - before we become them. This is not only survivor story, but a provocation to re-write history. A call to love, a call to change, a call to find a way to begin again.

Written by Kate Radford, Imagery by Bryony Good


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