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Currently on maternity leave! I hope to be back running courses in early 2024...

Photographic Foundations
September 6th - October 11th

Wednesdays 7-9pm 

Embark on a journey through the lens with Photographic Foundations. Developed for those who wish to explore and play with different ways of making photographs, this course beckons you to immerse yourself in the world of visual storytelling.

Together as a small group we will explore building creative confidence, as you explore photography as a means of creativity and representation. You will establish a toolkit that will help inform and enhance the pleasure of viewing and creating photography.

We will meet once a week to discus our own photography as well as explore the work of photographers and artists that are setting the groundwork for our practice. Each week you will be given new tasks and experiments to help stretch and develop your work embracing new creative ways of thinking. 


If you've been yearning to unleash your creative spirit through photography you will find solace in a nurturing community, connecting in real-time, where your passion for the art of photography will flourish. Photographic Foundations is your invitation to a transformative and affordable journey of visual exploration.


Week on week

1. Places and Faces

2. Landscapes

3. Portraits

4. From Life

5. The Archive

6. Create!

Bryony Good


Growing up surrounded by the desolate beauty of the Yorkshire landscape Bryony developed her work to explore the romanticised nostalgia landscapes can evoke.

Her photography explores photographic language and process, often referencing nostalgia towards photographic practice itself. Experiemental processes and innovative mixed media are integeral to her work and often produce interesting visual effects.

As a writer she has published a number of short stories that mimic her obsession with the land and nostalgia, often harnessing dark undertones of longing and escape.

Now working within arts education and a collaborative member of Miniclick Photography Talks, Bryony aims to widen participation within the arts whilst further exploring photographic practice.

BA Photography / MA Visual Arts / PGCE Lifelong Learning

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