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Uncanny Writing Workshop 
Saturday 28th October 

1pm – 3pm 

Todmorden Centre of Folklore, Myth and Magic 


At the time of year when the veil is most thin, we are exploring The Uncanny and how we create this illusive feeling within our writing. This workshop will give a literary introduction to the origins and elements of The Uncanny as a theoretical and literary tool in writing, providing extracts and discussion points for the group. Together we will complete a range of writing exercises that will give the group an opportunity to play with and create their own ‘uncanny’ vignettes using different thematic options.  We will look at a range of examples of The Uncanny taken from literature and pop culture and investigate the weird, eerie, and uncanny and how it effects our readers. 


This workshop is suitable for all abilities and aims to foster a supportive creative environment. No one will be asked to share their work unless they wish to do so.


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